Advantages & Disadvantages of Double Dating

Advantages & Disadvantages of Double Dating


    Double dating is a time-honored tradition where two couples go on a date together instead of as separate couples. Some of the parties involved may already be close friends, or they might only be casual acquaintances. Dating as a foursome can serve to reduce social awkwardness and add an element of safety. It can also offer disadvantages, such as a lack of privacy or a lack of agreement on date activities.


    One advantage to double dating is that it can make the participants feel safer. For example, if a woman is going on a date with a man she doesn't know very well, she may feel apprehensive about being alone with him. Double dating can eliminate the risk.

    Less Awkwardness

    Another advantage of double dating is that can reduce the awkwardness that might occur on a first date. The quartet can interact as a group, eliminating the immediate need for one-on-one communication. If two members of the group are already acquainted, they can facilitate conversation between the other members.

    Less Expensive

    In some instances, double dating can offer the advantage of lower costs. If the date involves a long road trip, the foursome can share the cost of gasoline. If an overnight stay is involved, the two men and two women can each share the cost of hotel rooms.

    Lack of Privacy

    One disadvantage of double dating is the lack of privacy. If one of the couples is getting along well, the two may wish to be alone so they can get better acquainted. This can prove extremely difficult if another couple is present. Some individuals may also find that intimate communication is not possible when other people are around.

    No Cormmon Ground

    The more people involved in any situation, the more difficult it can be to find common ground. According to Cara Mason's article "The Pros and Cons of Double Dating," these types of dates create potential personality clashes. A disadvantage of double dating is that the foursome may not be able to agree on where to go or what to do. As a result, one couple could thoroughly enjoy themselves while the other can't wait until the evening is over.

    Unintended Consequences

    Another potential pitfall of a double date is that the possibility always exists that one person could fall for his friend's date instead of his own. This will not only have an impact on the dating relationships, but it could also drive a permanent wedge between two close friends.

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