Birthday Gift for the Man Who Has Everything

Birthday Gift for the Man Who Has Everything

    Choosing a birthday gift for the man who has everything isn't hard. You don't have to break the bank buying expensive one-of-a-kind items either. Instead, knock his socks off with indulgent, original and unexpected offerings. Impress him with your awareness of his tastes and interests and use this to choose a truly unique present to upstage the ordinary and the boring.

    Timelessly Elegant and Stylish Luxury

    Elegant accessories are classic luxury gifts that never go out of style. If you must give socks or a tie, reinvent this class of gift by choosing only the best as a birthday gift. Even the man who has everything must replace these items, as they wear out or become dated. Give items like pure cashmere socks or a tie from a top designer, to guarantee your gift's success. Choose the most unusual patterns and designs you can find. The more exclusive the item, the better. Other classic gift selections include silk boxer shorts, cashmere scarves and designer name leather belts.

    Charitable Giving

    Surprise and please the man who has everything with a birthday gift donation in his name to an unusual charity. Choose from nonprofit funds that support activities, such as buying goats for needy villagers, saving one of the 1,318 American species of flora and fauna on the endangered list or funding a woman's or children's shelter. These gifts are available for purchase by credit card at the websites of a wide variety of charities.

    Japanese Tetsubin Teapot

    A Tetsubin teapot is a traditional teapot made from decorated cast iron, an essential part of the Japanese tea ceremony and an unusual item of decor for any home. This teapot makes an original birthday gift for the man who has everything, especially if you add a book on the history and instructions on how to correctly make the brew, tea drinking cups and an assortment of green teas to go with it. If your man is very refined, pay for a private lesson in tea ceremonies for the two of you.

    Gourmet Chocolate

    Gourmet gifts of premium brand foods, such as chocolates, are delicious birthday presents for the man who has everything. As these items are consumables, there is always a chance he may run out of his favorite snack. Choose top-quality chocolate items such as manly sized slabs of gourmet dark or white chocolate in unusual flavors, like cranberry or pistachio, or research his tastes to be sure of a good match. If you know your way around the kitchen, make him a decadent chocolate gift at home instead, such as pots de creme, chocolate truffle cake or truffles.

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