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by Natalie Ray

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Natalie Ray has been a freelance writer since 2008. She writes education, technology and how-to articles for various websites. She is a technical writing graduate student at the University of North Texas and received her Bachelor of Arts in criminology from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Books About Online Dating

"Online Dating for Dummies"

The creators of the Dummies series of books offer "Online Dating for Dummies." Included in this book is solid advice on everything from what to watch out for when to how to successfully set up your online profile. "Online Dating for Dummies" starts from the very beginning of the process, guiding you on the proper computer setup, and takes you through to the end result of meeting someone in person. As of September 2010, "Online Dating for Dummies" retails for $16.99.

"Fine, I'll Go Online"

Written by Hollywood publicist Leslie Oren, "Fine, I'll Go Online" offers you online dating advice from a publicist. This book also goes step-by-step through the online dating process and offers concrete advice on how to set up your profile and market yourself successfully to find the relationship you are looking for. As of September 2010, "Fine I'll Go Online" retails for $12.81.

"The Rules for Online Dating"

The authors of the popular "The Rules" dating guidebook bring another advice book to you. This time the advice is specific to online dating. "The Rules for Online Dating" focuses on taking you through the process step-by-step, while keeping the rules firmly in mind. Topics include how to properly answer emails and how long to wait before replying to a prospective date's email. As of September 2010, "The Rules for Online Dating" retails for $10.79.

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