What Do You Do If You Can't See Your Boyfriend Often?

What Do You Do If You Can't See Your Boyfriend Often?

    Whether you live far apart or are too busy to see each other often, dating with distance and time constraints can be challenging. The most important factor is to keep the romance alive -- and with today's technology, it's easier than ever.

    Miles Apart Movies

    Sign up for a movie rental service and rent the same movie. Once a week both partners should curl up on their respective couches or beds, get some comfort food and watch a movie together. Stay on the phone while the movie is playing and discuss plot lines and cheesy characters. Set up webcams on your computers and now you can enjoy the film face to face.

    Pass the Journal

    Purchase a journal. Each partner keeps it for a few weeks, records their ideas, feelings, thoughts of the other person and day-to-day activities. After an allotted time, send the journal to the other partner. Seeing each partner's thoughts written out is very intimate and is often an easier way to communicate difficult feelings.

    Become Bookworms

    Just like watching a movie, take time each week to read a chapter of a book. At the end of the week discuss plot lines, your ideas about the ending, characters you like or dislike -- your own private, long-distance book club. Activities such as reading a book together also open up communication for couples who feel they have run out of things to talk about.

    Musical Challenges

    A variety of programs let you share your personal play lists and music selections with friends. Start an account and update it with new play lists every couple of weeks. Look for songs you think the other would enjoy or that reminds you of your partner. Challenge each other with themed lists such as songs from your favorite movies, songs for the holidays or songs from your childhood.

    Game Night

    Pick a game both partners like to play -- it can be a board game or a virtual world game. Look for a website that allows two players to join a privately made game. Virtual world games let players join and explore the virtual world using avatars. Playing games together creates fun competition and enhances intimacy. You can also take your game night out on the town with a long-distance scavenger hunt. Make a list of items together to find in your respective cities and head out to photograph your findings.

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