College Dating Ideas

College Dating Ideas

by Annabeth Kaine

Going off to college is a major milestone for many Americans and with it come friends, roommates and new relationships. The drawback to this new social setting; Many college students live on next-to-nothing financially. But it is possible to have a great date night, even with limited funds.

Play a Sport

Find a sport that you and your date will enjoy playing together. Bowling and mini-golf are more traditional favorites, according to the Studeconomics website. Play a game of horse or tennis for a more active date.

Scavenger Hunt

Have your date write down 20 unusual items. Spend the date searching the campus and local areas to find each thing. Grab some coffee or smoothies to take along during your hunt.

College Attractions

Most colleges offer plays, concerts, lectures and art galleries. Watch classmates perform or head to the observatory to watch the sky together. Sporting events are also a popular choice.

Open Mic

Many college towns have clubs that offer an open mic to audience members. Sing a fun song together or head to the stage to read a poem.

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

Take a stroll down memory lane and treat yourselves to your favorite childhood ice cream. Take turns describing why it was your favorite and what flavor replaced it.

Do a Double

Grab another couple and head to the newest movie release, or go to a party together. Find a club and dance to your favorite tunes.

Moonlight Picnic

Grab some finger foods and a blanket and lay out in the moonlight. Make a wish on the brightest star and share the first wish you ever made with each other.


Have a movie marathon by renting you and your date's all-time favorite flicks. Order pizza and act out your favorite scenes. Turn off your cell phones to avoid distractions.


The Huffington Post advises to use your student ID card to find added discounts to restaurants and events around your college town.

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