How to Create a Romantic Christmas Dinner

How to Create a Romantic Christmas Dinner

by Catherine Johnson

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The twinkling lights and wondrous magic of the Christmas holiday is the perfect backdrop for a steamy winter romance. Christmas dinner can be an intimate and memorable experience for you and your loved one, and an excellent opportunity for bringing romance to life. With just a little bit of planning, you can easily create a romantic evening that will warm both of you for years to come.

Items you will need

  • Six to eight small poinsettia plants
  • Christmas beads and garland decorations
  • Gold or silver colored tablecloth
  • Four long, red tapered candles
  • Two menu cards
  • Two place cards
  • Bouquet of red and white roses
  • White linen table napkins
  • Elegant dinner plates and silverware

Arrange the Christmas poinsettias decoratively around the dining room. Group them on the floor near the corner, or place them on top of cabinets and shelves.

Drape the Christmas beads and garlands around the dining room. Hang them off the tops of cabinets and windows.

Cover the dining table with a gold or silver colored tablecloth.

Write the Christmas dinner courses on the menu cards. Arrange the menu cards at each person’s place setting.

On the place cards, write your name and your lover’s name. Place them at each of your table settings next to the menu cards.

Arrange the bouquet of red and white roses in a vase, and use it as the centerpiece for the dining table. Place the red candles around the vase.

Set the dinner plates and silverware. Carefully fold the linen napkins. Place them next to the silverware.

Dim or turn off the lights in the dining room. Light the candles and serve dinner.

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  • Play sultry Christmas ballads to create a more romantic ambiance through music.
  • Serve a Christmas dinner rich in flavor and spices to create a sensual and memorable meal.

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