How to Decorate a Romantic Master Bedroom on a Budget

by Amy Mosher

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How to Decorate a Romantic Master Bedroom on a Budget

Good design does not have to be expensive to be beautiful. Master bedrooms are fairly easy to decorate with budget-friendly items to create a warm and inviting room with a touch of romantic elegance. By incorporating a few opulent fabrics and special elements to the design, making a special retreat for two is a project that yields a high-end look with a low-end price tag.

Step 1

Choose a warm color palette. To create a romantic feeling, paint the walls a warm hue, ranging from soft pink to light peach. Warm colors create an inexpensive backdrop for the project.

Step 2

Incorporate luxurious linen pieces. Because the bed is usually the focal point of a bedroom, it is important to emphasize its design. Add a few budget-friendly decor touches, such as a velvet throw to the bottom of the bed or one or two elegantly trimmed pillows at the top.

Step 3

Add ambient light. Soft lighting often sets a romantic mood for a space. Buy two inexpensive table lamps with three-way switches, and hot glue an elaborate beaded trim to the bottom edge of the lampshades. Finish off the romantic room with a few dollar-store votive candles set in clear holders.

Step 4

Lay down an area rug. Whether the bedroom has hardwood floors or carpeting, an area rug adds a fresh, inexpensive touch. Select rugs with romantic motifs, such as flowers. A rug can also warm up cold hardwood floors or cover old, worn carpeting.

Step 5

Display a fresh vase of flowers. Romantic bedrooms are no place to decorate with plastic flowers. Purchase a fresh bouquet from a big-box store or grocery chain, cut the stems, and place in an inexpensive clear vase. Fresh flowers add fragrance and a feeling of opulence to a romantic bedroom design.

Step 6

Use accessories or special touches to amplify the romantic bedroom design. Hang two soft, white bathroom robes on wall hooks next to the bed. Put a breakfast tray on the bed, and fill it with chocolates and a bottle of champagne. Scatter rose petals on the bed linens.

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  • Keep the bedroom linens solid, but use patterns on pillows for a room that feels elegant and restful at the same time.

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