What Do Women Look for in a Man?

by Lauren Romano

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What Do Women Look for in a Man?

Many men are confused about what women want in a mate. Although not all women want the same thing, more often than not, you are going to find that women want a basic set of characteristics in a mate. Knowing what women want could help bring more couples together.


Being trustworthy can be a valuable characteristic for a man to have. A woman wants to know that her mate can go out for a night and not do anything that could cause problems in the future.


Most women don't want to get close to a man who is not hygienic and does not take care of himself. This includes showering, styling his hair and wearing clean clothes; all are simple tasks but not all men do them.


Ambition is important; it tells the woman that the man can take care of himself and is not planning to be stagnant the rest of his life. A man may appear more attractive if he has goals and motivates himself to achieve them.


Intelligence can be a big factor in choosing a mate. Many women want men they can have conversations with, who will teach them something new and be willing to learn in return. A man who is intelligent, knowledgeable and continues to learn may appeal to more women.


A woman wants a mate she can count on. She does not want to worry if he is going to be missing when she needs him; she wants to know that he is reliable and will be there for her without fail.

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