Effects From Interracial Dating

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Effects From Interracial Dating

Negative Effects

When couples date interracially, there is a strong chance they will face opposition in various forms. For example, if an African-American male is dating a Caucasian-American woman, his female relatives may accuse him of thinking that black women are not good enough to be suitable partners for him. And the woman's family may possibly criticize her and in some cases, disown her. If children result from this relationship, the couple will have to try even harder to instill an appreciation for both cultures. Then there's the chance of the outside pressures putting more strain on the relationship. For example, one spouse may handle the conflict by being passive and ignoring it while the other spouse may decide to confront the pressures aggressively.

Positive Effects

There are positive effects of interracial relationships. Interracial couples have the chance of combining cultures and using this diversity to add vitality to a relationship. A Hispanic-American partner may decide to teach the African-American spouse how to make traditional Latin-American meals while the African-American partner different dance moves that pertain to this culture. In addition, interracial couples learn the ability to the stand up for their convictions despite the criticism, which could make the relationship stronger. In addition, the children of interracial couples learn to be more tolerant of other cultures through observing the way their parents interact with each other. Also, the children may also grow up to be advocates of social equality in their communities.


Before entering an interracial relationship, ask yourself if you have the thick skin and boldness that is needed to endure the opposition that could occur. You should also be honest about your own racial preconceptions and deal with them because if you carry these into the relationship, you could hurt the other person and it may destroy the relationship. Also if you're considering marriage, discuss how you will raise the children in this environment and other issues.

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