European Dating Customs

European Dating Customs

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Unlike dating in the United States, dating in Europe is often a fun, low-stress proposition. Attitudes about dating can, and do, vary across Europe and among individuals. Europeans are generally more laid back than other parts of the world when it comes to dating and sex.

Group Dates

In European countries, especially the United Kingdom, men and women tend to hang out in groups. Europeans often prefer to meet and get to know potential mates while with a large group of friends. They view traditional American one-on-one dates as too high pressure to be enjoyable.

Multiple Daters

In spite of the European's enjoyment of casual, group dating, dating more than one person at a time tends to be looked down upon in European societies. Meeting and getting to know potential partners is a casual affair, but once an individual chooses another person to date, she is generally expected to date only that person.


Although regional customs vary, European marriages are usually small and informal affairs. It is very common for European wedding ceremonies to be held at the home of the bride or groom's parents. According to Eupedia, marriage is so informal in parts of Europe that it is sometimes considered to be an "optional 'folkloric tradition.'"

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