Eye Gazing Communication

Eye Gazing Communication

    Eye-gazing is a kind of silent speed dating invented by Michael Ellsburg, a Brooklyn, New York web designer and salsa teacher, according to a December 2005 article in "The New York Times." Ellsburg, who went on to write, "The Power of Eye Contact: Your Secret for Success in Business, Love, and Life" introduced the idea of eye gazing parties as an effective means of communication.


    Eye gazing parties involve sitting and and gazing into the eyes of another person in complete silence for two or three minutes. When the time is up, each person moves on to someone else to repeat the process. When the party is over, talking is allowed. Participants locate the person who “caught their eye” and chat.


    Because no words are exchanged initially, participants pick up on facial expressions, posture, hand placement and gestures.

    Eye Contact

    At the beginning of a eye gazing event, participant are typically first given a mini-lesson in the art and psychology of eye contact.

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