How to Feel Good About Yourself When You Were Cheated On

How to Feel Good About Yourself When You Were Cheated On

    There are no real formulas that help a broken heart mend after the end of a relationship, particularly when it ends traumatically due to betrayal. However, if you were cheated on by someone and now you are not feeling good about yourself, there are a few tips and advice that might inspire and help you remember what your qualities are and love yourself once again.

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    Step 1

    Place gifts and other objects that you got from your former partner in a box, and put it out of sight. Keeping away belongings that remind you of the person who betrayed you is a good way to start healing and to avoid mentally experiencing what hurts you over and over as you see these objects around you.

    Step 2

    Write down your good qualities. It is not your fault that someone betrayed this commitment. Make a list of what you like about yourself physically and psychologically, and also everything you are proud of in your life.

    Step 3

    Set new life goals for yourself. When relationships end, particularly when they end traumatically, all the life investment you gave to it seems wasted. Making new academic, professional or just personal goals works as a way to keep your mind busy and focused on inspiring projects.

    Step 4

    Decorate your house. Making home improvements is not just a way to improve it physically, but also helps you feel more comfortable about the environment where you live. Within your budget, paint rooms with different colors, buy flowers and new curtains or just rearrange furniture. Changing your bedroom, for example, will help you feel you are entering a different cycle in your life and breaking away from old routines.

    Step 5

    Go out with old friends and make new friends. Feeling good about yourself also requires a good dose of friendly support from the people who you admire and who admire and love you. Seek your friends to go out or to get together for a nice talk. Making new friends will also help you open your mind and remind you of what makes you special.

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    • Family members are very helpful counselors, as they know you well. Staying at your parents' house, visiting siblings and other relatives is a way to bring back good childhood memories and remind you of why you are special.


    • If you have been feeling sad and worthless, and feel that you cannot cope with sadness on your own or that your friends do not understand you, it is advisable to seek help from a psychologist or the support of counselors of your choice, like clergy, teachers and academic advisers.

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