How to Flirt With a Girl in College

How to Flirt With a Girl in College

by Laura Nowak

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Once you have entered college, the cheesy pick-up lines you used in high school will not work anymore. You will have to master the fine art of sweet and fun flirtation with college girls. This involves showing a romantic interest in a girl in a fun, playful way.

Make her feel sexy by hinting that you find her attractive and sexy. For example, you hear her singing on campus, you approach her and compliment her, saying,"You mustn't sing like that any more, it's too sexy." You complimented her looks and noticed a hobby, striking up a conversation.

Be playful and use a humorous false assumption. For example, instead of inquiring what sorority she is, tease her by saying, "You are totally a Delta Chi," and tell her why you think so, sparking a conversation.

Tease her and make her laugh. Introduce sexual innuendos into the conversation neatly. If she tells you she grew up in Georgia or another state down south, you could say "Down south, you naughty girl!" Keep the jokes appropriate once you assess her sense of humor.

Alter your facial expressions. Smile coyly at her when teasing her, and laugh if she is teasing you. Keep the expression fitting to the conversation, and maintain eye contact with her at all times.

Ask her questions to get to know her better and show you're interested. Allow her to talk about 70 percent of the conversation -- most people feel important or appreciated when they get to talk about themselves.

Appear confident and positive. Talk about positive topics that you are knowledgeable about so you look intelligent and confident without being arrogant or cocky. Let the conversation flow naturally and enjoy each other's company.

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