Fun Date Ideas in Boston

Fun Date Ideas in Boston


    Living in the same city for a number of years can lead to habitual dating, such as using the same restaurant for all of your first dates. Spice it up a bit by seeing more of what Boston has to offer in romantic and adventurous dating opportunities, while having a good time yourself. Don't be afraid to try a new area or event, as Boston nightlife spreads throughout the city, not just the obvious places.

    Gilliland Observatory

    The Gilliland Observatory can be overlooked as a date destination, but what could be more romantic than stargazing? Open late Friday nights, this observatory has a hotline that you can call to find out what the evening will focus on. As an added bonus, admission is free although parking is not. The observatory is located in the parking lot area of the Museum of Science.

    Rowes Wharf

    Take a stroll along Rowes Wharf, through the courtyard with its beautiful arches, to the harbor and view the city skyline. There is a floating stage there that often is in use during warmer months and can provide free entertainment. For the adventurous, try one of the small ferry boats leading to numerous destinations, including small islands, as well as a diverse sampling of restaurant and club venues.

    New England Aquarium

    The New England Aquarium, open for 40 years, is a beautiful place to go for a date. Hold hands beside the giant green sea turtle, or cuddle in the cool penguin exhibits. The light reflecting through the rippling water can be a romantic glow for your evening. Plan the date around regular activities, such as penguin feeding or divers in the larger tanks. Finish the night with a show at the IMAX theater.

    Gondola Rides

    Take your date on a romantic gondola ride up the Charles River. The authentic boats and costumes of the gondoliers create quite the atmosphere as you watch the skyline pass by. Your gondolier may serenade you with romantic songs. This tour can be done in daylight, or late during a moonlit evening. The tours are available May through to October, Friday through Sunday.

    Improv Asylum

    Make sure your date has a sense of humor by taking her to the Improv Asylum, a theater that shows improv and comedy sketches. Laugh together with a completely original show that is never duplicated, so you can use this as a second or third date spot as well. Newly renovated, the cast of this comedy theater has been seen on popular TV shows and toured around the country.

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