How to Have Fun Flirting

How to Have Fun Flirting

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Flirting is something you can enjoy no matter what your relationship status is, as long as it's being done with the right person for the right reasons. Flirting can help you get to know someone better, or it can help keep your established relationship fresh and alive. Yes, you can flirt with people you don't know. However, it can also be fun to flirt with those you already know.

Items you will need

  • A pretty smile
  • Eye Contact
Step 1

Use your eyes. Sometimes how you connect with someone is all in the eyes. Your steady, friendly gaze is the way you can hold and keep one's attention.

Step 2

If you're a woman, a nice hair toss always turns on the guy in the movies, and it will work in real life, too.

Step 3

Remember to smile. A dazzling smile can melt anyone's heart.

Step 4

Dress in the right colors and styles. For women, grays and blacks may make you look slimmer, but it's pinks and reds that will catch a man's attention, as well as feminine styles of clothing. Men should dress sharp and distinguished so that they appear masculine and suave.

Step 5

Allow the lighting to be your friend. Candlelight can set a sensual mood and keep it.

Step 6

Discuss things that interest the object of your flirtation. Your hot looks will create attraction, but what you say after you have the person's attention matters too. Be a good listener.

Step 7

Mind your manners. Being polite and respectful is always a turn-on. Be graceful even when you have to turn someone down.

Step 8

Don't be shy. Making the first move can be sexy. It can also give you the results you want.

Step 9

Be yourself. Sometimes the best way to be sexy and to flirt is just to be who you really are naturally.

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  • Use breath mints and smile
  • Practice flirting everyday


  • Don't be a tease, send mixed messages or pretend you are interested if you are not, or just because you can. This isn't flirting -- it's called being a tease, which is not sexy or fun.

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