Funny Ways to Get a Girl's Number

Funny Ways to Get a Girl's Number

by Colby Phillips

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The art of approaching women combines self-confidence and strategy. Using humor, paying attention to the dynamics of the situation, and communicating interest without coming on too strong are all keys to winning a girl's trust and with any luck, her phone number.

Cell Phone Humor

One of the ways you can use humor with women is by playfully using her cellphone to call yourself. You can approach her and ask to borrow her phone and, if she says yes, dial your own phone number. Answer your phone and say something such as, "I just met the most beautiful woman in the world, and now I have her phone number too."

Teasing Humor

Many women find men who know how to tease attractive. This often involves setting up expectations and then overturning them. For example, you can say to a woman, "Can I have your number, because I think my friend over there would think you're just his type?" Or you can say, "I would love to get your number. I'm doing a research study of nerdy women, and you fit the bill."

Corny Lines

Some women appreciate corny, over-the-top lines if they are done with tongue-in-cheek. Some of these might include, "Could you write your number down for me? You've got me so dazzled I can't see straight." Or you could try, "The minute I saw you, I was so enchanted by your beauty that I ran into a wall. I'll take your number so we can settle this over the phone."

Internet Humor

If the girl in whom you are interested is someone you met online, try sending a message such as, "They say on the Internet that no one knows you're a dog. Can I get your number so you can walk me sometime?" Alternatively try, "I can't wait to get your phone number so we can talk, text and IM all at once. Can I send you a fax too?"

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