Get to know your matches in a totally different way.
Mobile & Tablet support coming soon.

What is Game Night?

Game night is live from 8-10pm on scheduled nights. To liven things up we transform into an immersive gaming experience where you play games, meet singles and chat. It’s exciting, exclusive and real time.

Game night is fun, full of energy and a great way to meet new people. You simply invite a partner to play, pick a game and you are off to the races. Game play is interactive, we want you to get to know each other, so our games are designed to do just that. We even created “PopPlay” which gives you even more chances to play and limit your wait time. So what are you waiting for? When it’s Game night, we hope to see you in there having a blast!

Featured Games:

How it works:

Get in when the fun begins, just log in and click Join!
We’ll have recommendations ready for you the moment you arrive.
Lots of quick 5 minute games to choose from
System Requirements
  • PC | MAC
  • FLASH 10.2
  • IE
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

Some Common Questions:

  • Can I play on my phone? Not Yet, but we are working on it. For now, use your computer.
  • Can I turn off Game Night? You can always exit out of Game Night by clicking the “Back to Match” link. But we hope you will stay and play. We think you will really enjoy the fun.
  • What happens when a game ends? If you met someone you want to keep playing with, pick a new game and have at it. Pause the game and chat if you like. The whole point of game night is to create conversations, so if you are having a great one, keep it going!
  • What’s PopPlay? PopPlay increases your chances of playing a game by a gazillion percent! We find other users that fit your search criteria and automatically “pop” the two of you into game play. You can always turn PopPlay off if you are too popular.
  • Can I turn off PopPlay? Sure you can. Just click on game settings and poof, its off.
  • Can I leave a game? Sure you can, but be respectful. Games are quick, so play till they end. That’s so much nicer don’t you think? If you just have to get out, click “name of button” and we will let the other person know you exited the game. But before you do, think about how you would feel if someone just pulled the plug on you in the middle of a game.
  • What happens when game night ends? Well we magically transport you back into
  • How do I know who I played with? During game night everyone you play with is tracked under “Already Played”. After game night you can find them in your “connections”. We are working on a feature we will release soon that at the end of game night we will send you a list so you can reach out to them quickly.
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