Great Ideas for a Homemade Dinner Date

Great Ideas for a Homemade Dinner Date


    Traditional homemade dinner dates call for a home-cooked meal, quality time and romance. However, depending on the date and the occasion, you can go all out or create simple, weather-based or mood-appropriate dishes. Follow dinner with quality time watching movies, having a few laughs or simply getting to know each other better. There are no rules to homemade dinner dates and no limit on the endless amount of dinner combinations.

    Traditional Dinner

    If you are looking for a traditional dinner date, create something you enjoy cooking and have made before. New recipes are fun to try but may not always work out as you expect. Grab his attention with something you are familiar with making, such as a simple dish of spaghetti with meat sauce. Or, create tacos loaded with chicken or beef, salsa, cheese and other toppings. Put each topping in a separate bowl, and let your date pick which toppings to use.

    Late Night Breakfast

    Mix up the date a little by cooking a homemade breakfast instead of dinner. Find out her favorite breakfast dishes, and create an impressive spread of eggs, bacon, pancakes and other breakfast favorites. Most breakfast foods are quick to cook, so make sure she is on her way before you start preparing the food. Have fun arranging the breakfast on her dinner plate. Prepare yourself to have a surprisingly filling and enjoyable dinner.

    Soup Night

    Prepare a soup to keep you and your date warm, especially if the dinner date takes place during the winter or fall. This will give you an excuse to light a fire, pull out a few blankets and keep close with your date. Make a homemade chicken noodle soup with pieces of chicken, noodles and chicken stock, or buy your preferred store brand and add a few touches like homemade croutons. Heat up the soup and a loaf of fresh bread, and enjoy keeping warm together.

    Snacks and Finger Foods

    Pull out your favorite lunchmeats, and create sub-type sandwiches for your date. Slice fresh tomatoes, lettuce and pickles for the subs. Make a cheese, cracker and fruit platter to have with your sandwiches, or make a simple vegetable plate. If you want to bypass making the platters, make a homemade dip from dry onion soup mix and sour cream, creating the dip to your desired taste. Throw in your favorite movie, spread out a blanket and enjoy the selection of foods.

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