Great Things to Write When Sending Flowers

Great Things to Write When Sending Flowers

    Flowers have traditionally conveyed a special meaning. They have been and continue to be used in many cultures to let the person know that you care about him. In addition, flowers can symbolize many things. For example, red roses symbolize love, passion and respect while white roses represent innocence, reverence and truth. Violets represent faithfulness, lilies symbolize majesty, and mimosa stands for sensitivity. You can add an additional meaning to the flowers if you write something on the card sent with them.

    Message of Love

    First and foremost, flowers are the messengers of affection and love. If you are sending flowers to a person as a sign of love, consider some romantic wordings. For example, "I saw these and thought of you." Alternatively, write several rhymed lines, ideally which you have written yourself and that include references to your loved one. For example, "The flowers are yours, the love is mine. Please take this bouquet, Sarah, be my Valentine."

    Flowers of Friendship

    You can send a good friend flowers just to brighten her day, particularly if your friend is female, but male friends might welcome the bright blooms, too. Friendship flowers include yellow roses, which symbolize friendship, caring, happiness and freedom. The choice of flowers, however, matters less than the words you send with them, as few people would care to research what particular flowers mean. If you have known your friend for many years, consider writing lines like, "As long as we have memories, yesterday remains." In addition, add some rhymed lines, for instance "These yellow roses symbolize friendship; and so I send them to you to cement our relationship."

    Birthday Congratulations

    A bouquet of flowers makes a good birthday gift. The wording is the same as if you were writing a birthday postcard, yet a little shorter. For example, write, "Happy Birthday, Julia! Whatever with the past has gone, The best is always yet to come." Alternatively, choose something more simple yet by no means less pleasant to read, "Happy Birthday form the heart; Cause that's where all great wishes start."

    A Message of Grief

    If you are sending flowers for a funeral, the wording obviously must be very different. Avoid any rhymed lines altogether and let the message be solemn and dignified. For example, "With deepest sympathy from the Adams family" or ""Our hearts are filled with sorrow. Rest in Peace." If the person was remembered for some distinct feature, you can get more personal by mentioning it, for example, ”In loving memory of a lady who was always smiling." In addition, don't forget to write your name at the end of the message. For example, "Love always, John."

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