Inexpensive Date Night Ideas in Salt Lake City

Inexpensive Date Night Ideas in Salt Lake City

    Dating is about two people enjoying each others' company so a date night doesn't have to be an opportunity to show off your wealth. Some of the best dates cost only a little bit of money -- their real value is in the chance they give to share, interact, and learn about each other. There are a plethora of inexpensive date night options in Salt Lake City that can give you an opportunity to enjoy special moments with your date on a budget.

    Art Patron

    Visit an art gallery. Salt Lake City is home to a number of art galleries that display a wide variety of visual art pieces, and the admission ticket -- if any -- is usually very reasonable. Another option is to look for a school with an art event you can attend. The time you spend with your date allows you to share your appreciation for the arts and bond, and choosing a gallery or style of art he or she has already expressed an interest in shows how much you care.

    Concert Goer

    Concerts in clubs or parks by local bands or artists do not cost much, and are usually far less than attending an event in larger venues, such as Abravanel Hall or the Libby Gardner Concert Hall. These less expensive events may be harder to learn about, but are usually advertised online and in local papers. These events can be a good way to support local talent and sometimes even show off your dance skills. The two of you can pass time listening to music and dancing the night away, which means that you spend very little on food and drinks.

    Moonlight Picnic Adventurer

    Salt Lake City contains a number of parks where you can go with a packed take-away meal, a few drinks and a picnic blanket. Picnics are especially romantic around sunset, preferably somewhere scenic, such as looking out over the Utah state capitol building, or at the Millcreek Canyon. Share a meal with your date in the moonlight and lie on a blanket later to watch the stars. The peace and quietness of a park at night lets you converse and get to know each other.

    Board Gamer

    Challenge your date to a board game, which can either be played in your home, or in a more neutral spot like a coffee shop or a public park. Choose a park near to where you or your date live or drive somewhere scenic like Affleck park. For a fun twist, invite another couple for a round of games as a double date. After the game, pack up the board and take a walk, if the weather permits.

    Forward Driver

    Invite your date for a drive through town. Salt Lake City's low night traffic allows you to enjoy different sites, such as the Temple Square building in the comfort of the car. Drive slowly throughout the city and stop at a restaurant or a coffee shop for dessert. The rich architectural sites along the way make an interesting late night drive and offer an ideal opportunity for conversation.

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