LDS Group Dating Ideas

LDS Group Dating Ideas

by Jessica Cook


Play a sport together if you have an athletic group of friends. In warm weather, try tennis (doubles match-ups, anyone?), softball or kickball in the park. In the cold weather, try ice skating or bowling.


Eat dinner together, pot-luck style. Ask each person or couple in the group to be responsible for a different portion of the meal, from appetizers to dessert. You can even put a spin on dinner by adding a theme, such as "Around the World" or "Five-Ingredient Recipes."

Game Night

Raid your parents' Family Home Evening supplies and dig out a variety of board games. Play them tournament-style by pitting winning teams against one another, or play on a timer to see who can rack up the most points in a short amount of time. You can all play one game together or set up tables for a few games to play at one time.

Community Service

Roll up your sleeves and give back to the community as you enjoy your date. Volunteer at a local homeless shelter, or help the Relief Society sisters in your area assemble food baskets at Thanksgiving for needy families (or whatever other charity project they might be working on at the time).

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