List of Questions to Ask a Guy

List of Questions to Ask a Guy

    The epitome of awkward silence is when the conversation runs dry on a date. It's a common conundrum to get midway through the main course and suddenly find yourself at a loss for words. Maybe you blabbed all your best material during the appetizer or perhaps the nerves are turning your left temporal lobe to mush. Whatever the reasoning, there is no need to panic. You can easily avoid this dating disaster by asking the guy questions to keep the conversation flowing.

    Basic Questions

    Ask the guy basic, getting-to-know-you questions. These are the standard, who, what, where, when questions that can be used as springboards for more in-depth conversations. Find out more about his daily routine, his family and his hometown. Ask him about where he grew up and the year he was born. Find out what university he went to, what he majored in and if he was in a fraternity. Talk to him about his occupation and his career path. Get to know the basic profile of his life.

    Hobby Questions

    Get to know him better by asking about his interests. See if he is into sports and, if so, ask what his favorite sports teams are and if he is on any teams himself. Ask him what music he enjoys and if he can recommend any bands. Find out where he has traveled on vacation or if he has ever lived abroad. If so, compare travel stories and talk about any future trips you have planned.

    People Questions

    Inquire about the people in his life. Ask about his parents, siblings and friends. See if he has a best friend and ask him to share a funny store about the two of them. If he has siblings, ask what their names are, what they do for a living and if they have families of their own. If you have any mutual friends, talk about how you know them and share stories. Talking about other people takes the pressure off the two of you and often sparks in-depth conversations.

    Topical Questions

    Discuss current events and ask for the guy's input. Choose a topic that has been in the news recently and ask him what he thinks about it. This gives you a chance to connect as members of a larger community and bond over a shared experience. For example, if there is a presidential election campaign under way, ask him for his thoughts and share your own. However, it is best to avoid extremely controversial topics.

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