How to Make a Good Relationship Better

How to Make a Good Relationship Better

    When you’re in a relationship, it’s quite a nice feeling to know that things are going well. You’re not fighting, you’re spending equal time both together and apart and things are just good. However, if you’re ready for, or just need, a jolt to take things up from good to bliss, you can do a few quick tricks to get your mate gaga over you.

    Step 1

    Plan an impromptu trip. Pack your bags and surprise your honey with a break from the norm with a fully planned trip where you’ve arranged everything you’ll do from eating a gourmet breakfast to taking naps. Booking your sneak getaway doesn’t have to cost a fortune, you can plan a trip a few blocks outside of your neighborhood. Notice what a difference it makes navigating a foreign grocery store together as if you just met.

    Step 2

    Roleplay your way to bigger fun. Boost the sensuality in your relationship by switching roles with completely make-believe characters. Dress the part even if that means suits and briefcases for a business brunch or sweats and sneakers to go on a date at the gym with your “new exercise trainer”. Follow through by creating entirely new personalities equipped with new names, occupations and attitudes.

    Step 3

    Go shoot hoops together. Do something that one of you gave up while in the relationship. Could be that you just didn’t allow for it while you were in the initial excitement of spending time together or just didn’t have time. Recognize that one passion you and your mate have and book an appointment to do it together. This could be going to an art studio to paint together, running in the park or volunteering.

    Step 4

    Let your hair down. Advance your relationship by ridding yourself of all those little hangups that may still be clinging in the back of your mind. No matter if it’s wondering if her ex-boyfriend will pop up and whisk her away or your fear of falling in love again, take your relationship a step further by giving it a chance to grow.

    Step 5

    Change something in yourself. Whether it’s your look or your attitude, make a tweak of that one little thing that you know you could stand to improve within yourself. Get a new haircut if that will make you feel sexy and sure of yourself again; practice building patience if you know you’re an easily annoyed hothead. A few changes to yourself will do a world of good to your relationship.

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