How to Make a Nuts About You Keychain

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How to Make a Nuts About You Keychain

If you’ve got a guy you are nuts about, show him you mean it with a Nuts About You keychain. This clever little do-it-yourself gift costs pennies to make even though it is sold for upward of $20 elsewhere. Your man will be reminded about how much you love him every time he reaches for his keys.

Step 1

Place all your materials into a small dish or bowl. This will keep everything from rolling around while you are creating this Nuts About You keychain.

Step 2

Place your threaded bolt on your work surface. Be sure that you are using a threaded bolt that has a loop on one end so that you can attach it to a key ring.

Step 3

Use fasteners to screw on your nuts. First, screw on your threaded square nut. Next, your brass hexagon nut followed by a wing nut. Finish with the cap.

Step 4

Attach your finished product onto a plain circle key ring.

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