How to Make a Romantic Atmosphere for the Bedroom

How to Make a Romantic Atmosphere for the Bedroom

by Lily Mae

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Spice up your love life by overhauling your bedroom to create a romantic atmosphere. The bedroom is not only intended for relaxation and sleeping, but it's also a space where couples can spend some quality time alone and revisit with one another. With some decorative elements, you can create a space that calls you and your significant other to enjoy some romantic time together.

Items you will need

  • Paint
  • Pictures
  • Linens
  • Fabrics
  • Draperies
  • Low-wattage light bulbs
  • Decorative accents
Step 1

Paint the walls of the bedroom with warm tones. Colors such as red, yellow and orange are warm and spicy and can serve as a backdrop for romance in your bedroom.

Step 2

Keep the room neat and tidy. Clean up clutter and keep things behind closed doors or in the spaces they are intended to go. Dust the surfaces, make the bed and vacuum the floor. A messy room detracts from the romantic feeling.

Step 3

Avoid displaying images of your friends and family members in your bedroom. Instead, feature images of you and your significant other on vacation or choose images of destinations that you find romantic, such as the beach.

Step 4

Cover the bed with lush linens. Crushed velvet, satin or silk exude a romantic feeling and are well suited choices for the comforter and throw blankets. Display overstuffed throw pillows to give the bed an inviting look.

Step 5

Suspend lengths of organza or tulle from the ceiling around your bed. The fabric will envelope your bed and give it the feeling of a comfortable nest.

Step 6

Cover the windows with floor-to-ceiling draperies. Such draperies will create a dramatic effect, adding to the romantic feel of the space.

Step 7

Include low-wattage bulbs into some of the light fixtures. Dim lighting sets a romantic, sensual tone.

Step 8

Cover nightstands and dresser tops with trays filled with rose petals, tea lights and pillar candles.

Step 9

Scatter rose petals on the floor from the doorway to the bed and on the surface of the bed before you intend on having a romantic interlude.

Step 10

Spray a light mist of perfume or cologne in the air to add a sensory experience.

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