How to Make Romantic Curls With a Curling Iron

by Lynn Lauren

Whether for a big date or an important meeting, women want to look their best. Sometimes curling your hair is all you need to make yourself feel just a touch more beautiful. And when you feel beautiful, your confidence soars. Using a curling iron to make romantic curls is one such way to feel beautiful. A few simple tips will have you turning your hair from its everyday look to romantic curls in no time.

Items you will need

  • Curling iron
  • Mirror
  • Comb
  • Protectant spray (optional)
  • Hair spray (optional)

Dry your hair completely. Curling wet hair can damage it in the long run. Run a comb through it to remove any tangles. Turn on your curling iron to the desired temperature: low for thin hair and high for thick or coarse hair.

Spray your hair with a protectant spray, if your hair is easily damaged. Separate small sections of hair, about the size of the width of your curling iron. Spray the protectant spray on your hair to protect it from heat damage from the curling iron. Spray each section you intend to curl.

Pull each section of your hair out from your scalp. Take the heated curling iron and gently wrap the strand of hair around the iron. To create cascading curls, wrap the hair around the curling iron vertically. To create curls in the ends of your hair, wrap the hair around the curing iron horizontally.

Continue curling each section of hair until your entire head is covered in curls. Use hair spray to set the look.

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  • Use a small hand mirror to check the back of your head to make sure your hairstyle is uniform all over your head. Many times women forget to check the back of their hair because it looks perfect in front.


  • Do not overheat your hair with the curling iron. Remember, it is very hot. Test your first strand of hair by holding it in the curling iron for significantly less time than you think it should take. Slowly increase the time to see how long it takes for your hair to curl. Additionally, watch your fingers. You could easily burn your fingers or neck with the iron. Remember, safety first.