How to Get a Man to Make the First Move

How to Get a Man to Make the First Move

by Chelsea Hoffman

Many guys won't make a move unless they see clear signals that you are open to more than chaste contact. Getting a man to make the first move can be easy if you send the right signals and don't come on too strong. Whether you're on your first date or your fourth, you can get a kiss or more without being the one to make the first move by following a few simple steps that begin with a smile.

A Clear and Open Invitation

Step 1

Make eye contact with your date. Looking into his eyes while you're talking to one another will show him that you are paying attention to him.

Step 2

Play with your hair while you're talking to each other. Twirling a strand or two with your fingers while your eyes meet his may send him the signal to make a move.

Step 3

Suck on a piece of hard candy on a stick. The act may distract him, making it hard for him to not make the first move.

Step 4

Put your head on your date's shoulder. If you're sitting next to him at a movie or on a couch, let your head rest to the side softly so that it touches your shoulder. The innocent gesture could inspire him to take things further.

Step 5

Instigate a conversation about making the first move. Conversation usually drifts to the topic of dating. Mentioning that you usually don't make the first move could stick in his memory and encourage him to accept the invitation.

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  • Be warm and laugh often. Being open will put him at ease.


  • Don't be too stiff and standoffish. Guys are often put off and uneasy about making the first move when the girl doesn't appear to be enjoying herself.

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