Marriage & Relationships: How to Get Over a Breakup

Marriage & Relationships: How to Get Over a Breakup

by Jennifer Dermody

In the gloom and gray of a broken relationship or marriage it is hard to see a brighter tomorrow. Breaking up hurts. The pain is real and can sometimes seem unbearable. Adjusting to loss takes time, patience and perseverance. Mend your broken heart and begin anticipating each new day with excitement and new-found joy. Get over the "I'm over it" hump, which may take some time to climb, and begin anew. Let tomorrow be a brighter day.

Items you will need

  • Writing journal
Step 1

Allow yourself time to grieve and process your loss by taking some time to yourself and crying when you want to. Breaking up involves the permanent removal of a person in your life. Emotions are painful but are real.

Step 2

Write about your emotions in a journal. Writing can help clear your head and is a way to release emotion.

Step 3

Talk about how you’re feeling. Be honest about your sadness, despair and fears about your new-found single lifestyle. Leaning on the strength of your friendships will allow you to feel less alone.

Step 4

Make a list of future plans to remind yourself that you have a future. You have to let go of dreams that involve your mate, but you can create exciting new hopes and dreams.

Step 5

Reach out to people who are positive, who value you and energize you. Surround yourself with people who will not tell you what to do, judge you or criticize you.

Step 6

Cultivate new friendships and social networks that are healthy. If you feel like you have lost good friends in a divorce, make an effort to meet new people by looking at familiar places in new ways. For example, enjoy your lunch break with friends instead of eating at your desk or take a new class at the gym.

Step 7

Enjoy your new life.

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