How to Find a Mate in Rural America

How to Find a Mate in Rural America

    Trying to find a date in a small or rural town can be challenging, so it's important to come up with a dating plan. Take action. It is also important to have a good mindset. If you believe you can meet someone in your small town, you will. Clinical psychologist Edward Dreyfus says, "Developing a plan increases your likelihood of success." He says people plan all the important events in their lives, but usually leave love to chance. With a few simple steps, you can find Mr. Right in the smallest of towns.

    Step 1

    Write down the attributes you would like in a mate. Are you looking for someone who is artistic, business-oriented or athletic? Writing down the characteristics you find attractive will help give you clear focus on what you want. You will create what you think about and focus on with intensity.

    Step 2

    Get out of your house as much as you can. Go to the local coffee shop. Take walks. Strike up conversations with as many people as possible. You may hit it off with someone who is gardening in his front yard or he might know someone who is single too. Go to church events where large numbers of people congregate. In a small town, take advantage of all the opportunities you can. Also, do all the things you love to do. Dreyfus says, "By attending activities that interest you, you are able to ensure that you will have a good time, even if you do not meet someone who is of interest to you." At the same time, if you do meet Mr. Right, you know you have at least one interest in common.

    Step 3

    Try online dating. If you live in a rural area, this is a way to meet people you would never normally meet. Be patient if you sign up with an online dating service. If it's been challenging to find Ms. Right offline, you might run into the same issues online. Eventually, someone who matches your personality will appear.

    Step 4

    Don't burn your bridges. Whether in business or friendships, be respectful. Also, don't reveal too much information about yourself that you wouldn't want the whole town to know. Word gets around quick in a rural town. You want to have a good reputation. When Mr. Right comes along, you want him to be impressed with how many people like you.

    Step 5

    Accept and respect your small town. Remember that your attitude has everything to do with who you attract into your life. If you are negative and look at your town with disdain, no one will want to hang out with you. You will be labeled as a negative person.

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