How to Meet Girls in Las Vegas

How to Meet Girls in Las Vegas

    In a city of mayhem, chaos and characters, it can be hard to stand out in Las Vegas enough to meet girls. Las Vegas is a vacation destination for many looking for adult socializing, gambling and partying, so presentation and location are key to attracting girls. First, decide what type of girl you want to meet and for what purpose before establishing your plan of action. Limit alcohol intake to prevent judgment impairment and thus damage your opportunities.

    Step 1

    Learn to play Blackjack. Being a social game, blackjack makes it more likely to interact heavily with girls who are at your table or watching the game. Winning is not as important as being smooth and friendly. Keep one eye on the game and the other on the girl to read her signals and develop the conversation.

    Step 2

    Tip the bartender well the first time you order a drink. Tipping assists you to gain repeat service when there is a great deal of competition for his attention. This will create opportunities for you to help nearby girls order drinks or even buy some for them.

    Step 3

    Visit the bars or clubs. They often stay open into nearly breakfast hours of the next morning, and dancing is a popular activity for girls out to have fun. Be sure to hit the dance floor because many girls are looking for a dance partner.

    Step 4

    Visit the popular tourist locations such as the Bellagio, Caesar's Palace and the Flamingo. Chances are that girls on vacation in Vegas will end up there at some point in their trip.

    Step 5

    Rent a limo. When the cost is shared among several guys it will not have too hard of an impact your budget. This will help you attract attention and entice a girl with some VIP transportation.

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