How to Meet Women in Houston, Texas

How to Meet Women in Houston, Texas

    Whether you live on the outskirts of town or in the heart of the city, there are more options to meet people of the opposite sex in Houston, Texas than ever before. With the advent of the Internet, you can link up with other singles in your area, and the good old-fashioned ways to meet others still work, too.

    Speed Date Houston

    Speed dating is alive and well in Houston. The concept involves parties that bring together a lot of single people, all there for the express purpose of meeting someone they might want to see again on a one-on-one basis. You’ll encounter a minimum of eight potential dates at each party. If you want to pursue a friendship with any of them, just exchange contact information and follow up later. Houston’s version of this concept is Speed Date Houston, available online. Speed Date Houston breaks their events down into both age groups and special interest groups, such as single parents, so you won’t waste your time with others with whom you might share nothing in common.

    It’s Just Lunch

    It’s Just Lunch is a national dating service with branches all over the country, including Houston. After getting to know you and getting a handle on your likes and dislikes, staff will arrange for you to meet a like-minded woman somewhere in the city for lunch. It costs a little, but all you have to do is show up at the appointed place and time and there will be a woman there, waiting to meet you. It’s Just Lunch takes care of all the details. The service caters to busy professionals.

    Singles Groups

    Events4singles is an events list online that posts a variety of singles groups and clubs in the Houston area, along with their upcoming gatherings and contact information. If you like camping or kayaking and would like to meet a woman who does as well, try Bayou City Outdoors. If tennis is your thing, there’s the Houston Singles Tennis Association. If you’re into more sedate activities, such as dining and wine-tasting, join up with Eight Friends Out. As of February 2011, events4singles’ website listed 18 different clubs and singles organizations in Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

    Bars and Restaurants

    If you prefer to meet women in a less organized, determined way, Houston has a variety of bars and restaurants where you can show up and hope for the best, and most likely find single women doing the same thing. If you’re a night owl, Chachos is open 24 hours and attracts the spillover from other bars when they close. Club Connections offers dancing, the Alamo Drafthouse includes a movie theater, and the Karaoke Bar allows you to showcase your hidden talents. All these establishments are singles-oriented. (Reference 2)

    Other Ideas

    If you don’t drink or are uncomfortable with the bar scene, Houston’s YMCA has several special interest programs and classes for singles. There’s also Houston’s famous mall, The Galleria, offering ice skating, eateries and plenty of stores. What better place to meet women than where they shop? (Reference 2)

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