Facts on Online Dating

by Louise Balle

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Online dating gives single people many more options for connecting with potential partners. There are a few facts, some positive and some not so much, that you should be aware of before posting an ad.


Online dating is the process of meeting potential love interests using Internet websites and online dating services.


According to Online Dating Magazine, about 120,000 people get married every year as a result of online dating, and 20 million people are active at Internet dating sites every month.


Jupiter Research estimates that online that online daters who use paid services spend about $239 per year to find love.


According to Burst! Media, two-thirds of people between the ages of 50 and 64 go online to find dates. Lehman Brothers Equity Research has determined that online daters over 50 are the fastest growing segment.


A study done by three researchers from Cornell University and Michigan State (Hancock, Toma, and Ellison) showed that Internet daters are frequently deceptive, but the lies tend to be minimal.


Because most online dating services don't have a way to background check candidates, there is always a risk of meeting an undesirable person, such as someone with a criminal history or who is already married, online.

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