Passion Foods

Passion Foods

    The belief that certain foods enhance passion is rooted in ancient history. Greek, Roman and Egyptian scholars wrote of the stimulating properties of various foods and aphrodisiacs frequently featured in mythology and folk lore. While there is scant scientific evidence to support a link between food and desire, modern lovers frequently turn to passion foods to spice up their lives or simply to add a little fun and romance to the occasion.

    Sensual Appeal

    Modern-day passion foods have high sensual appeal — those that smell rancid or taste nasty now exist only in history books. The delicate aromas of almond and vanilla, combined with the smooth sweetness of luxury chocolate, give rise to dessert ideas likely to draw in women, or even men. The warmth of ginger and garlic in a subtly flavored dish can turn up the heat for the main event. Juicy, fresh strawberries or pineapple moisten the lips and tantalize the taste buds.

    Visually Stunning

    Any top restaurateur will tell you that the visual appeal of a dish is paramount. For an evening of passion, combine a rainbow of colors to produce a light and succulent fresh fruit and seafood platter. To spur on fashion, give food a vivid presentation sure to enthrall your lover.

    Serving the Food

    For a romantic evening, prepare an array of passion foods for an intimate, candlelit dinner. An aromatic seafood appetizer, followed by a subtly-spiced main dish and a dessert combining smooth chocolate mousse with exotic fruits will stimulate the senses and rest easy on the stomach. If unadulterated passion is your aim, serve attractive platters of finger foods that you can enjoy anywhere in the house and will not spoil if you become distracted.

    Fun With Food

    There is something very intimate about hand feeding your lover. Tender, lightly-dressed asparagus spears and juicy, exotic fruits have textures and shapes that lend themselves to this activity. If you are short of ideas, you can share the same food to create a tender and romantic experience. More adventurous lovers may indulge in chocolate body paint, whipped cream or any combination of foods with a smooth, velvety texture.


    Before preparing for your evening of passion, make sure you are aware of any allergies affecting your lover. Ensure food, particularly seafood, is fresh and correctly prepared and avoid circumstances that may give rise to choking. Nothing kills passion more quickly than the onset of a rash, breathing difficulties or frequent trips to the bathroom. Stay safe and enjoy.

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