How to Find the Perfect Romantic Gift for Him

by Melissa Lewis

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How to Find the Perfect Romantic Gift for Him

It’s no secret: men and women often have different ideas about what constitutes romance. Even so, it’s possible to give your boyfriend or husband a token of love that won’t make him squirm with embarrassment. Finding the perfect romantic gift for him isn’t just the stuff of fantasy.

Step 1

Evaluate his likes and dislikes. Even if he’s the quiet type and never drops hints, you’ll gain some clues from paying close attention to how he spends his time. A gift that helps him to indulge in something he’s passionate about is sure to please. While tickets to a game or concert, a best-selling book or a cutting-edge gadget don’t seem terribly romantic to you, he’ll get a warm, fuzzy feeling from the fact that you know him so well. A magazine subscription keeps on giving – and making him think of you – month after month. That barbecue grill he’s been lusting after might be a romantic manly gift.

Step 2

Consider creating a personalized gift. Frame a sweet photo of the two of you or put together a scrapbook that commemorates all of your fun times together. If he loves music, compile a CD of his favorite songs. Write a love letter, or jot down small notes that catalog all of the things you love about him and present them to him in an attractive box or jar.

Step 3

Contemplate a classic gift. Give him an attractive shaving set or a bottle of scrumptious cologne. If your budget is on the high end, pick out a fancy watch or cufflinks he’d never buy for himself. You might think a tie seems like a boring, predictable gift, but traditional masculine gifts can make him feel more like a man and put him in a romantic mood.

Step 4

Include an appeal to his sensual side. Your guy’s thoughts will definitely turn to love if you select a birthday, holiday or anniversary gift the two of you can enjoy together. A pair of silk pajamas or boxers will put him in the mood; a book of “love coupons” or a bottle of massage oil will keep him there.

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  • The best gifts for men are rarely necessities. Indulge him with a frivolous token that makes him feel like a king.
  • Give your man some special time with you; it’s a priceless gift. Plan a getaway or “staycation” and just relax together.
  • You know the way to his heart, so make him a special dessert. Treats that tempt the palate are always sweet gifts for men.

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