Physical Features That Attract Men to Women

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Physical Features That Attract Men to Women

Small Waist

According to the site, a new study finds that what men find most attractive in women is the ratio of the waist size compared to hip size. Women who have hourglass figures are ideal. The study finds that a waist to hip ratio of .7 was the ideal size.


Information on the site Newswise reports that a national survey finds that a smile is an attractive feature. Smiling can also help people come across as more friendly and approachable. To better your smile, it's important to floss and brush daily as well as visit the dentist for a checkup and cleaning every six months. Staying away from staining foods, such as tomato sauce, as well skipping the tobacco can also help better your smile.

Large Eyes

The BBC News site reports that a study by a team of psychologists finds that one of the features men find most attractive on a women are large eyes. For women that wish to have larger eyes, specific makeup application techniques and a few products, such as mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner, can help make your eyes appear bigger than they are.

Long Hair

The site states that one of the physical features men are most attracted to is long hair. Many women prize their hair; long hair has often been associated with femininity, which men are typically attracted to.


While many people may believe that men are drawn to women with larger breasts, states that that isn't always the case. Although men care about a woman's breast size, many are perfectly content with and attracted to a woman that has breasts that are a reasonable size and that are shaped well.

Symmetrical Face

The site reports that studies have found that women that have symmetrical faces had more feminine features which, in turn, made them more attractive. Another study reported that women with feminine features may have larger levels of oestrogen. While men are typically drawn to symmetrical faces, they often are attracted subconsciously.

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