Places to Meet Girls in Seattle

Places to Meet Girls in Seattle


    Meeting women in Seattle can be a daunting and intimidating experience. Many people gravitate toward online dating websites or hook up in clubs and bars, which can get expensive and tiresome. The best places to meet Seattle women are those that combine your passion and interests with that of the women you are meeting. It gives you information about the women themselves and means that you have something in common.

    Clubs and Organizations

    Join a club or organization pertaining to your passion or interest. There are many non-dating social websites, such as and that allow you to connect to others with similar interests in Seattle. The Seattle Network lists many different groups, from arts and culture, politics, recreation and sports to young professionals and environment. The website even displays a list of networking events that you can attend to meet women.

    Getting Around Town

    Consider leaving your car parked and meeting interesting people while riding the Seattle mass transit system. SoundTransit can take you to many popular destinations and sitting close to other riders provides an opportunity to strike up a little friendly conversation. The King County Metro Transit provided 115.4 million passenger trips in 2012, which must include a significant number of single gals. You can talk as you wait for your ride and ask other riders to suggest great places for dates. If the woman you are talking to offers something you want to see, ask her if she's available to go with you and check it out.

    Parks and Beaches

    Seattle has many great parks and beaches, from Green Lake Park and Madison Park, to Matthews Beach Park and Pritchard Island Beach. Parks and beaches are useful locations to meet women. You can go with your friends or just take your dog for a stroll. Beach and parks are a fun way to engage in beach and park sports without seeming desperate or over-eager to meet women. Just go to have a good time and have fun. Women will detect that and want to join in. You can search for your nearest parks and beaches at the Seattle Parks and Recreations website.

    Church, Temple, Synagogue

    If you consider religion to be an important part of your life, you may want to find someone who feels the same way, and often, the best way to do this is through your church, temple or synagogue. The St. James Cathedral, Seattle First Baptist Church, Temple De Hirsch Sinai, and Congregation Beth Shalom are examples of religious institutions in Seattle that feature social and volunteer events.

    With Friends

    According to a study conducted in the spring of 2010 at the Sociology department at Stanford University, the best way to meet men and women is through mutual friends. It makes perfect sense; your friends share common interests and hobbies as you, so it’s likely that you’ll have things in common with their friends. It makes the introduction and meeting process much simpler when you have that mutual friend that can introduce you at a party or social event. So the next time you are meeting at a popular Seattle hangout, such as the Little Red Hen or the East Lake Zoo tavern or MacLeod Residence for a quick drink, ask your friends to introduce you to some of their female friends.

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