How to Put a Smile on Your Face Despite a Broken Heart

How to Put a Smile on Your Face Despite a Broken Heart

    The period following a broken heart can feel like the most devastating and desperate hours, days, weeks or months of your life. Whether your heart is broken because of a break-up, divorce or a loved one passing away, it can feel like the longing will never cease. Worrying about alienating yourself from your friends due to sadness can just add stress to an already difficult situation. While you might be tempted to avoid the social scene in an attempt to feel better, you can also smile through the pain and use your social life as a stepping stone towards happiness.

    Step 1

    Try a new activity that you've put off experiencing. Whether its taking a cooking class or attending a social event outside your normal outings, stepping outside of your comfort zone can occupy your mind. You may enjoy your new hobby so much that you forget about your troubles during the activity.

    Step 2

    Channel your anger and sadness into exercise, which can improve your health, boost your self esteem and make it easier to socialize and interact with people. Feeling self confident can increase your mood even if you still have a broken heart.

    Step 3

    Concentrate on your good qualities. Whether through meditation or daily affirmations, remember your own self worth. Every time you feel like blaming yourself for your broken heart or exaggerating your thoughts, remember the funniest thing you have ever said or the nicest thing you have done for a stranger.

    Step 4

    Pamper yourself. Enjoy a hot bubble bath or get a professional massage. Consider these luxuries a treat for when you find yourself dwelling on your broken heart. Special occasions merit smiles and enjoying something you don't have the time or money to do regularly makes it your own private special occasion.

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