Qualities of a Good Woman

by Robert Vaux
Qualities of a Good Woman

Everyone has an idea of who a good woman should be. Some are more flattering than others, but the qualities of a good woman go further than mere looks or shallow immediacy.


A good woman should know who she is and accept every part of herself as beautiful. Self-awareness brings self-assurance, which fosters other good traits.


Independence means a woman who doesn't require anything else to fulfill her sense of self. She is confident in her own life and constitutes a complete person regardless of whether she's in a relationship.


A good woman can be counted on in times of trouble and knows how to take care of problems without assistance.


Kindness leads to trust and affection. Look for a woman who thinks of others as much as herself and treats others the way she would like to be treated.


You can't be in a relationship with a woman who isn't worthy of trust. You should be able to count on her to be honest and not deceive those close to her.

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