How to Respond to Internet Dating

How to Respond to Internet Dating

by Zachary Fenell

Internet dating offers an opportunity to meet others you may otherwise not have the chance to meet. However, once you find a person you want to pursue, you might find yourself conflicted about how to respond to the person's online dating profile. At worst, a poorly executed response can serve as an instant turnoff or an ill-advised response could put your safety in jeopardy. Learning proper responses for Internet dating helps you prosper, while remaining safe, on the online dating scene.

Items you will need

  • Internet connection
  • Online dating profile
Step 1

Indicate your interest in a person after viewing his Internet dating profile by sending a gesture or icebreaker. Ways for indicating your interest vary by the online dating service you use. For instance, one service may have a list of icebreakers from which you can choose while another might leave it up to you to come up with your own.

Step 2

Wait to receive a response from the other person. If she doesn't respond, she likely doesn't have any interest in you. If you do receive a response, begin to use online communication to get to know the other person. Early online communication should remain short and casual, meaning no exchanging of personal information, such as last name and address. As a guideline, Eharmony Advice suggests keeping answers and questions to two or three sentences each.

Step 3

Continue communicating online until you feel comfortable with each other. At this point, arrange an in-person date. To ensure your safety, pick a public place for the date and arrange your own transportation. Tell your friends and family about your plans.

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  • As a safety precaution, use the online dating service's email system rather than your personal email for communicating.


  • Be wary of conflicting information. If the person says something to contradict his dating profile or something he has said before, seek clarification about the inconsistency.

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