How to Find the Right Person in 90 Days

How to Find the Right Person in 90 Days

    If you're active in the world of dating, you may just be enjoying its ups and downs and the opportunity to get to know new people. But after repeating this pattern for a while, perhaps you're ready to find the right person and begin a more serious relationship. It's difficult to put a time limit of 90 days on finding the ideal person for you, but if you're feeling a time crunch, there are steps to take to give yourself the best chance of success.

    Step 1

    Decide what traits you're seeking in a significant other and make a list, if necessary. Before you hit the dating world looking for the right one, it's important for you to decide what it is you want. Sometimes, making a list can clearly illustrate what you're trying to work out in your mind. Do you want someone who loves a good time or someone who's career driven? Do you want someone who loves to laugh? Do you want someone who is into fitness?

    Step 2

    Work on improving your own confidence level, which will be necessary if you're planning to really jump into the dating scene with both feet. If you're concerned about your outward appearance, try a new hairstyle, join a gym to tone up or buy some new clothes that best accentuate your features. Sometimes, feeling better on the outside will help you feel better on the inside and put forward your best you.

    Step 3

    Join an online dating Web site and create a profile. In your profile, explain exactly who you are and detail precisely what you're seeking in a mate. Spend considerable time perusing peoples' online profiles and seeing if anyone appears to meet your criteria. If you find some people in whom you're interested, exchange instant messages or emails with them to see if your personalities click. If you sense chemistry with someone, try a few dates and see what happens.

    Step 4

    Ask your friends if they know anyone who would be an ideal match for you. Many people enjoy playing matchmaker to friends, and by consulting your circle of friends, you'll get a chance to be exposed to an even wider demographic. Best of all, your friends know you, know what you're like and understand what you're seeking; they may be able to suggest someone who would match perfectly with you.

    Step 5

    Consider your relationships with certain friends, classmates or colleagues. Sometimes, it's easy to think of someone as a friend first, but if you love being around someone, share some similar interests and know the feeling is mutual, there's a chance you've already found the right person without knowing it.

    Step 6

    Attend a speed dating event, which will expose you to several new people in one evening. Speed dating events give you two or three minutes to meet a new person, decide if you're compatible and then move onto another person. If you feel chemistry with one person you meet, express your feelings to the event's organizer, and she'll check if the other person has shown interest in you. Speed dating events are common in large cities and you can find event organizers and information on the Internet.

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    • Online dating gives you a chance to meet people with whom you'd never cross paths otherwise, but don't use it exclusively. If you're in a rush to find the right person, explore as many different avenues as possible.


    • Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't find an ideal mate in 90 days. You're seeking true love, and it's hard to put a time limit on affairs of the heart. Stay open to new possibilities and you may find the right person sooner than you think.

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