Romantic Crafts With Leaves

Romantic Crafts With Leaves

by Emilia Lamberto

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When thinking of romantic crafts, you might imagine candies, hearts and plenty of red and pink hues. However, when considering what you believe to be romantic, such as sitting on a balcony overlooking a mountainous landscape or relaxing with your partner by the ocean, you'll realize that nature is quite the aphrodisiac.


Prior to creating many leaf crafts, leaves should be pressed to preserve them in their natural state. It's best to pick leaves while they're still fresh and to remove moisture by immediately placing them in between paper towels. If you do not have a flower press, an old large book, such as an encyclopedia, will get the job done. While the leaves are still in between the paper towels, place them in the middle pages of the large book. Close the book and weigh it down with heavy objects or another stack of large books. After two weeks, check the leaves to make sure they are flattened. Remove them to use immediately in your romantic craft projects.

Create a Romantic Atmosphere

With leaves, you're able to create all types of decorations fit for a romantic evening. Real leaves provide a subtle hint of nature and sensuality that is rarely replicated with artificial, store-bought leaves. Transform a couple of twigs, leaves still in tact, with a metallic gold spray paint. After the spray paint dries, add floral foam to the bottom of a colorful vase. Secure the twigs by sticking the bottoms into the floral foam. Adorn the vase with a red ribbon tied into an elaborate bow. Place in the center of your dinner table and surround it with lit votive candles. For your drinks, create coasters out of freshly picked leaves. Pick the leaves and place them in water to prevent drying and browning. Remove from the water and place into an air-tight container to lock in moisture. About an hour before the romantic event, remove the leaves from the container and allow to air dry. Use them as coasters for your wine glasses.

Present a Natural, Romantic Gift

Not only do pressed leaves create beautiful, organic art, they also allow you to create an inexpensive gift that is likely to be appreciated by your significant other. Use frames matching the decor of your partner's home to create natural leaf art. On a sheet of white paper, print a message such as, "You're the one I'll never 'leave.'" Paste leaves around the message and place it into the frame. Be sure there is a tight fit between the back of the frame and the glass to prevent leaves from sliding around. Another romantic gift for leaves is a collage. Use pressed leaves to create an overlapping collage around a romantic photograph of you and your partner. The leaves may also be snipped into various shapes to create a leaf mosaic or border around your photo.

Create Leaf Crafts Together

Crafting together encourages socialization and creativity and may help to deepen a bond between you and your significant other. Items such as leaf vases, leaf candles or leaf wreaths are only a few of the crafts the two of you are able to create together. Depending on the season, autumn leaves provide plenty of color and variety for romantic craft projects. Create leaf rubs by placing pressed leaves under a sheet of paper and rubbing with pastels or crayons.

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