Romantic Crafts to Make

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Romantic Crafts to Make

We are always looking for ways to tell our significant others that we love them. There are many things we can buy to show them we are thinking of them. However, consider making them something from scratch to show them just how much they mean to you. When your partner sees how much time and effort you put into a gift, it will make him see just how much he means to you.

Love Proclamation

You will need parchment paper, a thick pen or marker and melting wax. Write a simple love message to your significant other. Roll the scroll up and melt a drop of wax onto where the paper meets. You can use a ring to stamp the wax seal. You can hide the scroll under a pillow or in a jacket pocket for your partner to find.

Message in a Bottle

You will need an empty glass bottle with cork, paper and a pen. Write a love letter to your partner, roll it up and place it in the bottle. Cork the bottle and decide how you want to present it. A good idea would be to "find" the bottle while taking a stroll on the beach together.

Romantic Message Frame

This one is simple. Choose a photo you want to use. You can pick one of yourself or one of the two of you together. Glue the photo to a piece of craft foam that is slightly larger than the photo. You can use craft foam letters to add a special message on the bottom or sides.

Romantic Bookmarks

Simply cut a piece of poster board or construction paper into 6 inch by 1 inch strips. You can cut hearts and other shapes and glue them to the strips. Write a romantic message on them. Every time your partner opens his saved place in a book, he will think of you.

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