Romantic Dinner for Two at Home Ideas

Romantic Dinner for Two at Home Ideas

by Jennifer VanBaren

A romantic dinner for two at home is a thrilling idea to most couples. Determining how to accomplish it, what to serve and how to set a romantic ambiance is often the hard part. A romantic dinner does not require extravagant food or decorations; only a little creativity, love and planning.

Cook Together

A romantic dinner for two at home is as simple as holding the dinner in the kitchen. To throw in a twist to a standard dinner for two, plan to cook the meal together. Light the kitchen up with candles everywhere. When using a lot of candles, burn unscented ones. Too many scented candles tend to be overwhelming. Rely only on the light of the candles and cook the meal. Prior to the dinner, choose a recipe to make and purchase all of the ingredients needed. Set the table elegantly for two and play soft love songs in the background.

Under the Stars Dinner

A dinner under the stars is a romantic idea for a couple. This idea works well on a patio, deck or in the grass. A clear, warm night is needed for this romantic idea. Prepare a place to sit on the ground with a blanket or quilt and set a couple pillows around the blanket. Place food in a picnic basket or on a small table next to the blanket. The food served should be food that is easy to eat; finger foods work very well. Serve something your spouse enjoys. Simple items are just fine, like pizza or burgers. While the two of you lie on the blanket and eat, play soft music in the background. Stare at the stars, talk and cuddle with the pillows and blanket.

Fireplace Dinner

Plan a romantic dinner for two in front of a fireplace. If a fireplace is located in the living room, set a small table with two chairs in front of the fireplace. Cover the table with a linen table cloth and place a lit candle on the table. Turn soft music on in the background and serve a meal that is a favorite of your spouse.

Tent Dinner

Planning a dinner in a tent is a romantic choice of couples. A small tent is needed for this dinner. The tent is set up indoors or out. This romantic idea offers a more relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Order out from a favorite restaurant. This saves time and eliminates a huge mess. Sit in the tent with flashlights and eat the meal. This opens up time to talk, share and cuddle.

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