Romantic Ideas to Ask a Girl Out

by Chance E. Gartneer

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Romantic Ideas to Ask a Girl Out


The outcome of the date can sometimes be predicted from when you first ask the person out. If you come off as too casual, she might think you only are seeking friendship. To fully display your desires of courtship from the beginning, ask her out romantically. Romantic ideas to ask a girl out can help make your intentions known from the start.


If you are good with rhymes and rhythm, write your desire for a date as a poem. A poem can illustrate that not only are you not afraid of expressing your feelings, but that you also believe in the concept of romance. Start the poem by telling her how much you like her and that you desire to take her out to dinner or coffee to get to know her better. Accompany the poem with a single rose, and leave it on her doorstep, windshield or have it delivered to her place of work. If you are musically inclined, then put the poem to song, and either record it or, if you are courageous enough, perform it in front of her.


If you know a little about her, like where she works or lives, then consider sending your date request with a bouquet of flowers or a dozen heart-shaped cookies. Write a note about how you want to take her on a date, and give her some way to contact you if she doesn't already have your info. If you are feeling adventurous, then instruct her to meet you at a certain time and place for your date. Also, for a grander gesture, send her a series of gifts, each with a clue to the time and place of your date. For this idea, it is best for the two of you to know each other a little beforehand; having a complete stranger knowing where she lives might scare her off.


Embrace the information age by making a film about the date and why she should say yes. Copy the style of your favorite romantic comedies, and portray yourself as the average protagonist. Begin the movie by telling about who you are and why you would like to take her out on a date, and then give her an idea of what she should expect on the date. You can film your "date" movie either entirely in first person with you speaking to the camera, or, if you have the friends and resources, create a full-blown production. For the soundtrack, use your favorite 80s music and other romantic pop songs. Email her the film, or post it online and send her the link. If a film is a little out of your league, then just make a mix tape for her of your favorite romance songs, with a request for a date at the end or on the cover.

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