Romantic Places for Dinner in Northern VA

Romantic Places for Dinner in Northern VA

    Virginia is a said to be the state for lovers. This might prove true if visiting Northern Virginia, which offers a a charming location to suit any romantic dating occasion.The area offers various types of cuisine, accompanying entertainment and a range of price options to create the ideal setting for you and your date.

    French Restaurants

    Many people associate romance with French culture and cuisine. L’Auberge Chez Francois and La Bergerie are two French restaurants in Northern Virginia that feature five- to seven-course fine dining menu options. Complete with a full list of domestic and international wines, full bar and dimly lit backdrop, French restaurants can create a perfect atmosphere for romance at dinner. The French are also known for rich desserts, such as creme brulee, which pair perfectly with a dessert wine or after-dinner brandy.

    Moroccan Restaurants

    Casablanca Restaurant and the Marrakesh Restaurant are two romantic night choices that feature authentic internationally acclaimed Moroccan cuisine influenced by a wide variety of cultures including African, Middle Eastern, Arab and Mediterranean. Moroccan cuisine also features rich and flavorful desserts. The dinner begins with the Moroccan tradition of a thorough hand wash. Moroccans are known for superb hospitality and the experience is similar to being served at a traditional Moroccan home. Romantic decor and nightly belly dancing creates a romantic atmosphere.

    Rooftop Restaurants

    Scenic views of the city of Northern Virginia create a breathtaking experience when dining in rooftop restaurants. The Chesapeake Grill located on the 20th floor rooftop of the Hyatt hotel and Chart House create an elegant and romantic theme for dinner with dimly lit dining areas and city views. Food and drink pairings along with eating on top of a building create a backdrop for a romantic experience. Panoramic views from every direction will make the dining experience one to remember.

    Waterfront Restaurants

    Waterfront restaurants are great places to dine in Northern Virginia. The Cedar Knoll Inn Restaurant offers scenic views of the Potomac River. The James River is the backdrop for the James Landing Grille, a waterfront restaurant offering outdoor seating at the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg. Nature is romantic and outdoor scenery coupled with fine dining, extensive wine lists and the sunset or view of the stars tops as the best combinations for romance. Indoor and outdoor seating is often available at waterfront restaurants in Northern Virginia.

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