Romantic Places in New York City When It's Raining

Romantic Places in New York City When It's Raining

    As the go-to setting for romantic movies, New York City offers couples many opportunities to exchange small glances in the big city. When the rain in New York City forces lovebirds indoors, they can still find plenty of opportunities for romance. Whether you have a first date, blind date or date night with your spouse, don't let the rain cancel your plans. Visit places in New York where you can stay out of the rain while spending intimate time with your love.

    Romantic Eateries

    Having dinner in a romantic setting gives you time to spend intimate time with your date. For Malaysian food, try 230 Fifth, which features a penthouse view with floor-to-ceiling windows. You might also try Gilt, located in the New York Palace hotel, for a romantic coursed meal with a wine pairing. For a casual date, enjoy sweet treats at New York's Serendipity or watch the rain from one of the city's many cozy coffee shops.


    Visiting museums on date night in New York City will keep you out of the rain and give you a chance to spend time talking with each other and observing art. For a wide range of art pieces, including paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs, take your date to the Museum of Modern Art. If you want to spend quality time together laughing and having fun, pose with the celebrity sculptures at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.

    Sights and Shows

    You can still experience some of New York City's famous romantic attractions despite rainy weather. Take your date to the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building, where you can watch the rain through the windows. Rainy days have fewer visitors, setting you up for a more intimate and romantic outing. You can also see a variety of shows on Broadway in all kinds of weather. Take your date to see a love story acted out live on stage.


    Take advantage of a rainy day and visit one of the many New York public libraries with a date. Spend this time relaxing and reading together or have fun with a library scavenger hunt. You can separate and use clues to lead your partner from one book to the next until you find each other. Hide the clues in classic romance novels or get to know each other better by sneaking them in your favorite books.

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