Romantic Things to Do in Southern California

Romantic Things to Do in Southern California


    If you're in Southern California, commonly referred to as SoCal, there are plenty of more romantic things to do on a date besides going to dinner and a movie. Whether you live there or are visiting, take advantage of the warm weather and all that SoCal has to offer couples of all ages.

    San Diego Kayaking

    Mission Bay in San Diego features beautiful beaches and romantic scenery. Renting a tandem kayak not only makes for a fun adventure, but it's romantic because you and your partner work together to kayak across the water. Stop and swim together in the ocean or have a romantic lunch on the beach. Several San Diego companies rent kayaks for as little as one hour or as long as a week.

    Corn Maze

    The MAiZE in Temecula offers couples many excuses to get close. The brisk fall nights are perfect for holding hands and snuggling while enjoying a bag of sweet, fresh kettle corn. The enjoyable, but scary corn maze is a perfect chance to talk, hold each other out of fear and work together as a team to get through the maze. Although the actual corn maze is only open during the month of October, you'll be talking about it all year long and can plan on an annual trip, since the maze is configured differently each year.

    Map of the Stars

    Driving around looking at houses may not sound romantic, but sitting in close quarters driving around with someone is definitely a bonding experience, especially when you're having fun. Grab the camera, stop for some snacks and beverages and bond while discussing your favorite movies, favorite actors and the crazy houses in which they've lived. Take pictures in front of the houses together and hold hands in the car. The innocent fun you'll have will surely spark romance.

    Whale Watching

    Southern California's coasts are home to traveling whales during the fall and spring months. Whale watching gives couples the perfect opportunity for romance at sea. You and your partner can hop aboard a small ship, cuddle up together and keep watch for the majestic humpback whales. Newport Landing and other companies offer whale watching tours year-round. Even if you don't see any whales, the beauty of the ocean, blue sky and California coastline are sites that set a romantic mood.

    Gondola Ride

    It may not be the canals of Italy, but you can get romantic on a gondola in Long Beach or Newport, two cities that have canals and gondolas. Snuggle together with a bottle of wine, enjoy the singing gondolier and relax on the calm waters of these canals. Both cities offer beautiful views of the beaches or the amazing homes the line the canals, setting the scene for your romantic date.

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