Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

by Angelique de la Morreaux

Valentine gifts you create for the man you love, rather than those you buy, can make lasting memories. A softly lit sensuous massage or an outdoor picnic under the stars is guaranteed to turn his thoughts to romance on Valentine's Day. Romantic gifts can be a shared experience that brings you closer together as a couple, or a gift that reminds him of you.

Gift Basket

Put together a romantic gift basket for both of you to enjoy. Select romantic treats, such as chocolate covered strawberries with some in powdered sugar, a bottle of champagne and two flutes, some gourmet cheeses with meats, sliced French bread and some music for the two of you to picnic under the stars. Or purchase a gift basket filled with his favorite cologne, with scented lotion to match.


Share an experience with your man this Valentine's Day. You may treat him to a sunset dinner cruise, or a horse-drawn carriage ride. Or whisk him away to a secluded bed-and-breakfast for some snuggling before a roaring fire while the two of you sip wine. If you are on a budget, something as simple as making his favorite meal can still help create a lasting memory.


A visual reminder of the two of you together can keep romance going all year round. Give him a framed boudoir photograph of yourself, or put 12 different shots together to create a calendar. Another option is to have your picture etched into a three dimensional form into a heart shaped crystal that he can put next to his bed so your face is the first he sees every morning.


Treat your man to some playtime with a game of Lovopoly or strip poker. Or send him a pantyogram, a surefire way to have him thinking of you. Give him edible chocolate body paint for him to explore his artistic side.

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