How to Set Up Online Dating

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For online dating, a person's profile is the equivalent of an introduction. Most online dating sites require at least a minimal profile before allowing people to participate. A good profile can mean the difference between receiving many promising responses or none. While each profile is unique, there are common factors involved in setting up a dating profile that will attract attention from potential dating partners.

Items you will need

  • Clear, recent photos
  • Online essay
Step 1

Choose a user name and header for your profile. Use creativity to select a user name and header that reflect your personality and stand out from the crowd. Try to avoid cliches or overly suggestive choices.

Step 2

Answer required profile questions. Complete any questionnaires as completely as possible. Be truthful in describing yourself and as open as possible in stating your requirements for potential matches.

Step 3

Be honest about your appearance, age and weight. If you don't want to reveal your exact age, indicate an age range. If an exact date is required, use a date that indicates an extremely old age, although doing so will screen you out of most age-related searches.

Step 4

Draft the personal essay for your profile. Include a brief description of yourself, your work and your hobbies. Indicate your likes and dislikes, as well as a description of the type of person and relationship you are seeking.

Step 5

Post at least one photo. If you only post one photo, it should be a clear shot of your face. A second, full length photo is a good choice. Photos should be dated within the last 6 months or the past year at the most. Do not include photos with other people who could appear to be romantic mates or of children unless they are yours.

Step 6

Proofread your essay. Check for spelling and grammar errors. Have a friend read it over and provide a critique. Use proper punctuation and spell out words rather than using abbreviations more appropriate for texting.

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  • If you don't post a photo, provide a detailed description and indicate that you have photos available to share.
  • Keep your profile positive and upbeat while remaining honest. Stating that you are divorced is OK. Stating that your ex cleaned you out in the divorce is not.
  • Change your dating profile header often. That is one way of keeping your profile fresh. The newest and most recently revised profiles are often included at the top of a search.


  • Do not post sexually provocative photos unless your profile is for an adult or alternative dating site.
  • Avoid lengthy lists of requirements for potential dates. This can be potentially off-putting, even to to individuals who meet all your requirements.