How to Be a Sexier Man

How to Be a Sexier Man

    If you’ve got your eye on the girl of your dreams but you’re not so sure you can snag her or keep her once you do, learn the tips and tricks to becoming the sexiest version of you. Keeping up with your appearance is the quickest and easiest way to up your sexy quota. However, attraction goes well beyond having the latest fashion or styling your hair perfectly every day. Remember that sexiness comes from the inside first.

    Step 1

    Balance your sensitive side with your masculinity. Women think it’s sexy when a man can open up about his emotions and have an intimate conversation. However, they still want to feel protected. Make sure to play both sides of the card. You can tell her exactly how you feel, for example, but follow it up with a bit of fun sexual aggression.

    Step 2

    Stay fit. You don’t have to be a bulky muscleman — honestly, this isn’t attractive to most women. But showing that you care about your physique and your health not only makes you sexy to women, but it also boosts your confidence. Work out regularly, even if that means just a 30-minute jog most mornings. Also, watch your diet. Eat nutritious foods and limit your alcohol consumption. Taking your girl out for a drink at the end of a busy week is sexy; growing a beer gut is not.

    Step 3

    Pay attention to your body language. Certain movements and stances give off the wrong vibe. Exude confidence by standing up straight and making eye contact. Appear open, friendly and approachable by uncrossing your arms. Confidence and kindness are equally sexy.

    Step 4

    Do something — anything — that makes you feel your sexiest. You may feel great if you do a few crunches before a big date or when you wear that shirt that makes your upper body pop. Whatever it is, as long as it makes you feel great, you’ll exude confidence, which really is the sexiest way a man can be.

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    • Remember that women are different and will be attracted to different things. What works for one may not work for another. This doesn’t mean that you should tweak your style to every woman, but instead that you should look for a woman who likes you as you are.

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